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Contact Information

(605) 296-3458


DSU Madison, SD

BA Education

Prenella Fullenkamp

Miss Fullenkamp

I started my college career at USD and transferred in 2002 to DSU.  I graduated from DSU in December of 2004 with my Education Degree. I have been teaching since 2005 and started teaching at Canistota School in 2013.  I have had the opportunity to teach 4-8 Science and am currently teaching High School Science.  I am also Junior class adviser, Prom coordinator, Cross Country coach and Junior High Track coach. 


*Respect yourself, the teacher and others

*Put forth your best effort

*Be prepared for class each day

*Follow Directions

*Pay attention, participate, and ask questions

*Preserve a positive learning environment

*Take responsibility for your actions


Keep track of All your assignments, they are your responsibility

All class assignments are due the following day, unless otherwise stated

      * Assignments not completed during class time are considered homework


Late Assignments

Please hand all assignments in on time 

Any late assignments will result in a lowering of your grade

If you are going to miss class and know ahead of time it is your responsibility to come to me to get your assignment