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Daily Schedule

Period 1 8:25-9:15 7th Life Science
Period 2 9:18-10:08 8th Earth Science
Period 3 10:11-11:01 4th Science
Period 4 11:04-11:54 Planning
Period 5a 11:57-12:22 Lunch
Period 5b 12:25-12:50 MS Study Hall
Period 6 12:53-1:43 5th Science
Period 7 1:46-2:36 Dual Credit
Period 8 2:39-3:29 6th Physical Science


Lisa Pierson Locker
2/6/16 8:27 PM
2/6/16 8:33 PM
2/21/16 9:44 PM
2/6/16 8:34 PM
4/1/16 9:36 AM
2/6/16 8:32 PM
2/6/16 8:31 PM
2/6/16 8:31 PM

Lisa Pierson

Welcome to Middle School Science!


BEST Robotics


This year, the school is proud to be apart of BEST Robotics through SDSU.  It is a six week program that kicks off on September 16th, 2017 on the SDSU campus in Brookings.  Any student in 6th - 12th grade is welcome to join.  More information will be coming on the meeting times.  Please follow the link below to find out more information.  If you have any questions, please send me an email. at





Interactive Science Notebooks (ISN)


This year in 4th -6th and 8th grade sciences, each student will be constructing an Interactive Science Notebook or ISN.  The ISN will be the main location for the students to take notes, organize their thoughts, record data from experiments, and make connections with their lives both inside and outside the classroom.

To create their ISN, each student will be encouraged to

  • participate in hands on activities and experiments to learn each new concept.
  • add notes before, during, and after each activity
  • use illustrations and color to aide in explaining the concepts he/she is learning.
  • make connections to the class, school, community, and world around him/her.
  • take ownership of his/her learning experiences in class.

By the end of the year, each student will have a valuable resource to refer to in the future.

Common Core Science Standards


All About Me!

  • My husband, Chris, and I have been married 18 wonderful years.
  • We have 3 children: Jillian--14, Alyssa--12, and Jadzia--9
  • We moved to the Canistota area in 2008 just before Jillian started Kindergarten.  I was able to stay home with Alyssa and Zia and do fun activities with them.
  • In 2013, Zia started school and I did too!  I was a paraprofessional with the Canistota School District and was able to work with many different classes and get to know the teachers and children. 
  • I am excited to continue this venture as the Middle School (4th - 8th) Science Teacher.
  • In my spare time, I love to sew, read, play board/card games, spend time with family and friends, camp, fish, hike and spend as much time outside as I can. 
  • If you need to get a hold of me, please email me at or call the school at 605-296-3458.